Photography by Tim Jones

I offer a jewellery photography service for the custom art jeweller and craftsperson requiring high quality digital images for advertising, editorial, or other purposes on the web or in print.
Photo Styles
Your choice of background and lighting will depend on the character of each individual piece and the intended use of the image.  White or light backgrounds can convey a gentler statement, and are often preferred by print editors; while reflective black glass can create dramatic impact.

  • Prices start at £30 to photograph a single item of jewellery in one of the standard photo styles above, with a minimum order of three items.  Additional fees apply for shots requiring more complex lighting, props, and for electronic background removal or 'cut-out'. 

  • On completion, you will receive a CD containing your images as high-resolution digital files.

Process and Terms
  • Each project is discussed individually.  In the first instance you should get in touch with me via the Contact Page or directly at timjones(at)darkroommatter.com, giving some basic information about the pieces to be photographed, how many pieces, and the intended use for the photographs.  
  • I will send you an estimate for the work.  When you have agreed the estimate in writing, you should arrange to deliver your pieces to me by post or in person. 
  • Once the images have been made, you can view them in your own private area of the website accessible by password.  Payment is made on the site via secure e-commerce provided by Zenfolio, after which your CD is dispatched.  
  • You may collect your work in person or by return insured post pre-arranged at your expense. 
  • Clients accepting the estimated price for photographic work are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions. By arrangement, a range of postcards and other printed goods made from your images can be ordered from third party printers via the Darkroom Matter website.

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